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   Siem Reap Countryside Villages will be brings you to the authentic and unique beauty of Cambodia which is hidden and unexposed to the world. Even though these are “Countryside Village Tour” trips, they are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. No trip to Cambodia is complete without seeing at least some location which is not part of the Angkor Complex. All locations are completely safe and landmine free.

 There are many villages outside Siem Reap town that I work with that love to receive foreigners for a visit. The people of the countryside are generous and friendly and life is slow. Traveling to one of these villages brings further interest and income to them. A visit to them is a way for generous individuals to help redress the economic imbalance in Cambodian society.We leave Siem Reap via National Road 6 to Phnom Penh. We will stop along the way to see shopping in a countryside market (bamboo sticky rice market and real day market).

   Travel with me along the back roads through villages to see rice fields, stilt houses for life outside of town. Watch locals working on their farms (traditional rice cultivation in vibrantly green paddies), water buffalos basking in water holes, kids enjoying their freedom in the countryside, and be amazed how different the speed of their life is compared to bustling Siem Reap. This tour is for those that want to see and experience the real treasure of Cambodia, its people! Whether it’s enjoying village life or the smiling faces of the children playing at a local primary school, you are sure to have a once in a lifetime experience.After that, ride through to see The Kampong Khleang Village which is located in the fishing communities, these 1,927 families earn a living through fish (you can watch them as they smoke fish, dry fish, make fish paste, or fish sauce).

Kampong Khleang Village is a very interesting place for any visitor. While we make our way to the floating village on the Tonle Sap Lake, visitors will see the fishing men and their families who live on each side of the river. During the rainy season, most of the homes are only accessible by boat. The homes move depending on the flow of the water. The dry season provides a time for construction of new homes and buildings near the lake.The lake is crucial to life because fish provide the basis for the economy and well-being of the village. Also, the lake provides 75% of Cambodia’s protein. Tourists will see some of the most impoverished areas of the province. Cambodia is the poorest country in Southeast Asia and Siem Reap Province remains the second poorest province in the country.

This tour is for those that want to enjoy​​​​ trip in Cambodia!


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